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GNPC is a unique, full-service business law firm servicing all of California. GNPC’s experienced and attentive attorneys professionally serve client needs in business transactions and trial. We strategically plan, hurdle barriers and ease the process for companies to enter, establish themselves and prosper in the U.S. market. And, from routine to complex disputes, GNPC advises foreign and domestic companies through the challenges of the U.S. legal system. We know business and the legal system.

Grant A Nigolian
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Grant Nigolian

GNPC represents clients on antitrust and competition disputes for a variety of business models, including, franchising, retailing, manufacturing and advertising. We are acutely familiar with issues arising with competitors, pricing, product distribution, monopolization, tying, group boycotts, price discrimination and intellectual property matters.

GNPC provides consultation to boards and individual directors of private companies and has acted as special counsel for non-profit organizations. GNPC services include director training and education, due diligence review of corporate governance policies and records, internal investigations and audits.

GNPC represents management in all issues involving labor, human resources and employment, including daily preventative counseling, defense of major lawsuits and state and governmental audits/investigations. GNPC manages disputes to minimize legal costs while maximizing favorable outcomes at state court, federal court, administrative hearings, arbitration and mediation.

GNPC represents and advises start-ups through all stages of the company life-cycle, beginning with the initial organization and funding, asset acquisition, operations and through any wind up. Consultation includes advantageous entity for the venture, governance and management, and various transactions and operational issues.

GNPC represents franchisors for a variety of issues, including registration and compliance, system development, contract negotiation, government investigations, dispute resolution, intellectual property registration and protection and in the litigation of all disputes.

GNPC’s practice covers a wide range of legal issues encountered by intellectual property owners and users, including the creation, registration, protection, purchase/sale and licensing use of trademarks, trade dress and copyrights. Common engagements include issues on false advertising, preventing unauthorized use, registration and the purchase/sale of the asset.

GNPC has the depth and experience (over 20 years of extensive experience through trial and appeals) to aggressively represent clients in cases, including those that threaten the entire existence of the client’s operation. Our engagement includes representation at trial/hearing and appellate levels before federal court, state court, arbitrators and administrative law judges. GNPC has a track record for combining its success with value and long term benefit to clients.

GNPC handles product, premises and other tort liability claims for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, real estate owners and other businesses. We also provide compliance advice on required warnings and regulatory labeling requirements.

GNPC blends its knowledge of business and real estate law, together with acute skills in litigation and dispute resolution to benefit clients with a balanced approach of providing practical advice that is backed with aggressive representation. Representative matters commonly include disclosure disputes, due diligence problems, fiduciary relationships, landlord/tenant disputes, security interests/liens, and clarifying title/rights.

GNPC represents clients in the entire probate process, from the petition to open probate through obtaining an order for final discharge. GNPC also provides consultation on asset protection, tax planning, powers of attorney, trust indentures and wills.


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